Should I Do a Full Home Remodel or Build a New Custom Home?

When it’s time to refresh your living situation, you face a big decision. Should you renovate your current home or build a new custom home? Both come with a unique set of benefits to consider before making a final decision. Read further for more insight about which option you should consider.

Think About Lot Space

When you build a custom home, you have the opportunity to pick the perfect lot for your needs. Almost 31% of Americans that want a custom home choose this option to get a significantly larger home, as much as 500 square feet larger than their current home, according to Custom Builder Online. When aiming for a much bigger home, think about the size, location, and even the shape of the lot. If you have a family, you might want a big backyard for them to play in while still being close to the city. If you have a unique hobby, you might want a lot that can accommodate things like a tennis court or pool. If your current home doesn’t have extra lot space, you may need to look for the best custom home builder in the area and choose to build a new custom home.

Consider the Layout of Your Home

The best thing about building a custom home is that you can control every single element of the design, from the layout to the features. This control means you can ensure that your home is designed specifically for your needs and lifestyle. With a remodel, you can update the layout of your home, but it may involve some major construction.

You might also want to consider things like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the size of the kitchen, and whether or not you want an office. If you have specific features in mind, like a fireplace or a home gym, find the best custom home builder that can include them in the design for a new custom home.

Weigh the Costs

The cost of a full home remodel can sometimes be just as expensive as building a new custom home, depending on the size and scope of the project. In some cases, it might be cheaper to build a new custom home from scratch because you can take advantage of things like lot space discounts and government incentives.

The best custom home builder can renovate or build from scratch to best meet your needs and budget. If you’re stuck between renovating or building a new custom home, the best way to make a decision is to sit down with a builder and discuss your options. Give us a call today at BuildTX Solutions to get started.

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