What makes a home, a custom home?

Many homes are mostly semi-custom and typically start as a stock plan and throughout the process are “customized”. But a custom home is more than that. A true custom home is one where you work with a team of architects, designers, and custom home builders Dallas to create a plan for a house that has never been built before. Things like harmony, cohesiveness, engagement, inspiration, and thoughtfulness are some of the attributes that define custom homes. Keep reading to understand what really makes a custom home, custom.

Production-built home

You will hear the term custom home a lot but not all homes have this characteristic. A production-built home is one in which the floor plan has been used or built several times. With this type of home, you won’t have the opportunity to add any input to its style or design. Perhaps if you purchase it before the construction process, you’ll be able to make minor adjustments like paint, carpet color, and maybe some lighting. A production-built home is not one personalized for you and your family’s needs and tastes, it will basically be an exact house other people will have as well.

Semi-custom built home

This home is a combination of a production-built home and a custom home. A builder provides several basic designs or stock plans that you customize to your own taste. A semi-custom-built home is more unique than the previous option. However, it is not entirely customized.

Custom home

So, what really makes a custom home, custom? It is not that the details are customized. It’s that each detail is considered and thought through so much that it feels like it speaks to you in every way. A custom home is one that has never been built before nor is being built in volume (like the production-built home). In the creation of a custom home, you’ll have complete control over what your home will look like. For this type of home custom home builders Dallas give you and your family exactly the dream home you have always wanted. Custom homes are great for patient people who know exactly what they want. However, they do take a little longer to build but you’ll have a home created precisely to fit your needs, dreams, and style.

Our team of custom home builders Dallas at BuildTX creates functional and flawless living experiences that speak to a client’s timeless sophistication and eternal value. We know that building a custom home takes an equally talented and detail-oriented team of builders to turn that vision into a reality. Contact us today!

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