What are some must-have features for custom built homes?

The freedom from having to settle for conventional amenities and finishes is one major perk of building a custom house. If you’re thinking about hiring a custom home builder, it’s important to do your research ahead of time to understand what you may want in your new home. Here are a few important features of custom-built homes that you should consider discussing with your home builder.

Modern kitchen technology

Meal planning and preparation are now easier than ever thanks to smart kitchen technology. Smart ovens’ temperature and cooking times are automatically adjusted, they pre-heat remotely, and they remember your favorite recipes. If you’re an avid cook, consider talking to your home builder about smart technology in your new kitchen.

A game room

If anyone in your family enjoys playing video games, there is a propensity for the environment to become quite noisy. That issue can be resolved with a separate game room. All that is required is to make it known to the home builder. To create a unique look for the area, enlist the aid of the entire family in decorating. The game room may also double as a theatre for family movie nights.

Heated floors

If you live in a place that can get very cold, installing heated flooring in your kitchen or master bathroom is a luxury that you won’t regret. Make provision in your budget for heated flooring if you don’t enjoy getting out of the shower onto a chilly floor or standing on the frigid kitchen floor while preparing dinner. What’s more? Due to recently implemented building rules, newly constructed homes have been demonstrated to be 17% more energy efficient according to Comfy Living. Therefore, there aren’t any concerns about improper energy consumption from the heating.

Luxurious shower rooms

Small shower stalls and bath/shower combos are no longer typical in master bathroom suites. Homeowners of today desire opulent, roomy showers that exude elegance. Natural stone, ceramic, glass, or porcelain tiles bring elegance to your shower and are simple to clean. For extra warmth, add additional showerheads, or go for a revitalizing steam room with music.

Central vacuum system

You may start vacuuming in any room after installing a central vacuum system by simply plugging the powerhead into the wall inlet. There’s no need to empty dust cans, tote a bulky vacuum cleaner from room to room, or manage tangled connections. Discuss this option with your custom home builder!

When building a custom home, converse with the home builder to exchange ideas for features in your new home. This can only improve the functionality, value, and appeal of your new home and make you proud of your home when it’s finished. Contact BuildTX Solutions today to get started!

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