Top 5 questions you need to ask your builder

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 682,000 newly constructed residences were sold in 2019. These residences were mostly constructed for homeowners by contract. The builder you select will be your main point of contact for the next few months as your new home is built from the ground up. Hence, choosing a reliable and professional builder that can provide you with the home of your desires while allowing you to avoid stress is essential. Below are the top five questions you should ask to identify the top home builders.

1. How many years have you been in business?

This is a crucial question since it can reveal how competent your builder is and if they have the skill and experience to keep their company operating with satisfied customers. A builder that has been in business for a year or two might not be able to provide the same level of service as one that has been building houses for many years!

2. Are you insured and licensed?

You may be in danger if your builder is not correctly insured and licensed. If something goes wrong and they close down, you might lose your deposit and possibly more money. You’re also accountable if unauthorized contractors work on your home, so be sure your builder is professionally certified!

3. Can they handle homes of your chosen style?

It’s a good idea to determine whether your builder has constructed a home in the style you like. If you’re searching for a duplex, a builder mostly concentrating on bungalows or infills might not be your first pick. Ascertain if your builder excels in handling the style you like or has extensive expertise in a variety of home construction types.

4. Am I kept informed during the building process?

It’s crucial that you are kept informed throughout the home-building process. The greatest builders will be superb communicators, keeping you up to date on any developments on the job site as they occur. Don’t hesitate to request direct contact information from the person in charge of your site; you should have access to this individual and a client liaison as needed.

5. What makes you stand out as a builder?

If you’re deciding between the top home builders in your area, this is a great question. It’s important to understand where the rewards are, since the small touches and whether your builder will go above and beyond the norm can make your house construction experience all the more memorable!

When selecting a builder for your home construction, ensure you seek answers to the above questions. Doing this helps you select the top home builders for your project. Do you need a reliable home builder for your home construction? Don’t hesitate to give us a call at BuildTX Solutions today.

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