4 popular custom home architectural styles

There are various architectural styles to get inspiration from for your custom home. The beauty of creating a custom home is that you have the freedom to get creative when designing the perfect architectural style for your home. The best home builders in Dallas will guide you towards creating a harmonious home with the style you choose. Taking a look at some of the most popular architectural styles will be a great inspiration when designing your custom home.

1. Farmhouse

The farmhouse is an architectural style pertaining to practical homes with a classic look. Can be mostly found in rural locations and it is most recognized for its outdoor porches. Now, most farmhouses are made of wood as modern farmhouse architecture stays true to the authentic farmhouses. Exteriors are kept simple as well as simple square columns used, instead of the usual turned.

2. Colonial

The Colonial home style is one of the oldest architectural styles. From this style derive other varieties like the French Colonial, Dutch Colonial, and Spanish Colonial. Although there are many variations of Colonial architecture, there are qualities that are quite distinct and only the best home builders in Dallas can build a true colonial design. Colonial homes are usually two stories, its exterior has a symmetrical design accented by dentil molding. The staircase serves as the focal point of the home as it is the first thing people see when they enter a Colonial home.

3. Cape Cod

Cape Cod homes were first seen in Massachusetts and were named after Cape Cod, their region of origin. This style has evolved throughout the years and has three variations: the half cape, the three-quarter cape, and the full cape. The half cape is the simplest variation and earliest example of the Cape Cod-style home. It’s characterized by a front door on one side and two multi-paned windows on the other. As families grew the half cape expanded into the three-quarter cape. Today, the most common variation is the full cape which has a central front door with symmetrical windows on each side.

4. Mediterranean Revival

Mediterranean Revival architecture captures the charm of tropical getaways. This architectural style became popular in the country during the Roaring Twenties. These homes have very lively color palettes and patterned tiles are often used. The goal of Mediterranean Revival homes is to give resort-style living space to homeowners. A rectangular floor plan is often used as it is easily navigable and flows easily through the house.

These are just some of the most popular architectural styles you can draw inspiration from for your custom home. Working with the best home builders in Dallas is key to giving your home functionality as well as uniqueness. At Build TX our interior designers and architectural experts collaborate with clients to transform inspired ideas into ideal homes. Contact us today to get your custom home started!

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