How to build a kid-friendly custom home

When it comes to having little ones, is it possible to build a home that allows them to explore the world while keeping the surroundings safe, chic, and elegant? When planning on building your dream home, you’ll need to make sure it works for all of your family members, without sacrificing high-end results. With the right custom home builders Dallas, anything is possible – even a kid-friendly custom home -. Here’s how.

Consider the space from a child’s perspective

From the moment you walk through the door, consider the space from a child’s perspective. You can do this by allowing your children to be part of the process. Add many simple and practical things to your home thought through for kids. For example, an open floor plan layout and design, a kid-friendly mudroom or playroom that can later be converted to a study or home office can be a great addition to a custom home. When building your home, also consider the location of the kid’s bedrooms. The best thing to do is talk to your builder about these ideas and concerns to create a beautiful and agreeable home for parents and kids.

Use material that stands up to kids

It’s important to select materials that will handle the traffic that comes with kids. When it comes to walls, the best option is to use semigloss paint that can be easy to wipe off. Choose something durable that stands up to whatever (and that is easy to clean) when it comes to flooring. Laminate and vinyl floors can certainly handle spills and crash very well. If you are thinking of hardwood or engineered wood floors, hickory or oak are great options as the harder the wood the better.

Give them a wall to draw on

Kids love to draw on walls, so why not give them a wall that’s meant entirely for their art? You can talk to your custom home builders Dallas, about this idea. Our recommendation is to paint a wall with magnetic chalkboard paint, and a good place to do so is near the kitchen. This gives them something to do while you’re making delicious meals. Chalkboard paint comes in different colors and can be added to multiple rooms of the house. Doing this enables your child to have a designated space to create art and not damage other areas of the house.

There are certainly more ideas and options to create a safe, fun, and luxurious kid-friendly custom home. The professionals at BuildTX Solutions are the custom home builders Dallas, TX residents trust for exceptional services. Collaborative, intentional, and thoughtful, our interior designers work closely with each client to create a vision that supports their dynamic lifestyle and goals. Together we’ll create a home that your entire family feels welcomed in.

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