The custom home building trends in 2022

As with all things, when building custom homes, the trends and styles change over time. Some homeowners want to build a house that has classic styling so that it does not go out of style, while other homeowners are more interested in a current and trendy house. For the latter type of homeowner, the custom home building trends for 2022 may be of interest.

Home offices and studies

In the past few years, home offices and studies have become more important due to many businesses utilizing work-from-home in response to COVID-19. In 2022, not only are home offices critical for custom home builders, but they are also bigger. Just about 22% of homes being built are more than 4,000 square feet, and home offices are part of that space.

Ceiling details

In 2022, custom home builders will see an uptick of exposed beams and headers in the ceilings. These details add dimension to any space. The beams can be anything that the homeowner chooses, from wood grain to stained to painted. This exposed beam look is great for any style of home.

Kitchen hoods

While kitchen hoods are not new trends, they have been growing in popularity. A kitchen hood becomes the primary focal point of a kitchen. All the other components of the kitchen are designed around the hood. In addition to being functional, it also adds to the design and decor.

Symmetrical design

For home builders, they have always put symmetry in the kitchen or at least tried their best to do so. In 2022, the symmetry extends from the kitchen into the great room or from the kitchen to the dining room. Whichever room, or even breakfast nook, is off the kitchen, the symmetry flows from one room to the other.

While trends may be significant for custom home builders to know and incorporate while constructing new homes, the personal style of the homeowner is also essential. When building your home, you want to add features that fit your style. If the new trends fit your style, great! You can combine your personal style with the trends of today to love your home well into the future.

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