How to evaluate a new home builder

When it comes to finding a new home builder, it’s important to do your research. You want to ensure you’re getting the best possible service for your money. So, how do you go about evaluating potential builders? Here are some tips.

1. Check reviews online

One of the easiest ways to find reviews for a company is by searching online. The company’s website itself should have testimonials and reviews from past clients. In addition, Google and Yelp are free options to find reviews for almost any business. If you find a few good reviews, you can generally trust them to give a realistic impression. If there are only bad reviews or no testimonials, it’s best to take that as a warning sign and look for another option.

2. Meet with the builder face-to-face

Another option is to meet with the builder directly. Check out their office and ask questions about what they can do for you. A good company will explain exactly what services they offer, give you a customized estimate based on your specifications, and explain their warranty in detail. You want a company that’s knowledgeable, confident, and able to answer your questions without hesitation.

3. Ask for proof of licensing and insurance

A key part of choosing a company is ensuring that they’re properly licensed and insured. If the business doesn’t have proper licensing from the city or state, don’t work with them under any circumstances. In addition, make sure you check for general business insurance. Sometimes builders have errors and omissions insurance, which protects you from mistakes they make during construction, but it’s a good idea to verify this information before signing any agreement.

4. Ask about the type and size of projects they handle

The average size of a custom-built house is 3,000 to 3,500 square feet. If you’re building a much larger home, it’s important to verify that your builder is experienced and capable of handling such a large project. Don’t be afraid to ask for references so you can look at their previous work.

5. Ask about payments

Before hiring a new home builder, it’s important to establish the payment process. Most reputable companies will require a deposit before starting, but other than that, you should discuss how payments work and when they’re due. Some builders will only ask for final payments at the end of construction or after certain milestones are met, while others will request portions throughout the project. Discuss your options upfront.

When choosing a new home builder, it’s important to do your homework beforehand. The more information you have about the company and its history, the easier it will be to make a well-informed decision. Call us today to learn more about our home building services.

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