The most common FAQs top home builders hear

Your home is your castle and making sure that it meets your needs every step of the way is a necessity. When you are working with a home builder, it is often necessary to ask questions about the process. Here are some frequently asked questions that home builders hear.

How long will it take?

One question that top home builders get is, “how long will it take?” This can refer to the actual build, to the design process and so much more. There is a huge range of factors that go into the overall process and that affect the timeline for any build. Things like supply chain issues, meetings with other clients and with suppliers, the weather, and so much more are all factors. These issues can delay a project and drag it out. They can also speed things up if all goes to plan and there are no issues to contend with.

Can I be part of the process?

Often, clients ask if they can be part of the process, by visiting the construction site. Anyone building a new home is going to be invested and is likely going to want to be as hands-on as they can when it comes to the overall process. In 2019 alone, more than 682,000 new homes were sold according to the US Census Bureau. This means that tons of people are buying new homes over those that were already constructed.

What other projects have you done or are working on?

The last thing that top home builders hear is that clients want to know more about your track record. They may want to see examples of completed projects, they may want to learn more about what you have done, and they are likely going to want to hear all about what you are currently working on. This does a few things, it helps them to get a feel for your work style, it gives them something to compare their own project to, and it is just fun to do. It can also help them get a feel for what their finished product might look like.

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