What are the most heard requests of a home building company?

Building a custom home can be a challenge, but knowing what you want before building begins can help smooth out any issues and make the job of building easier for you and your home building company. There are, of course, some requests that are more common than others when it comes to a custom home, and knowing what they are might help you decide what you want in your own home. Below you’ll find some of the top requests that home builders hear.

More space

With custom homes, larger spaces are often the first request because you are building a custom home so that you can have the space you want. Most homeowners want a home that is at least 500 square feet bigger than what they currently have, if not more. Larger space lends well to more storage, more living space, and more private space as well.

More bathrooms

Another common request is to add more bathrooms in the home. There are so many types of bathrooms, including half baths, large bathrooms, en suites, and more. Homeowners may want a bathroom in a common area for guests that are not spending the night, bathrooms attached to bedrooms, larger bathrooms, and more. The bathroom is a very important part of any home and making sure your bathroom fits your needs and your wants is a must, especially when you’re custom building a home and you have the option. Adding bathrooms with special amenities like a walk-in shower, accessibility measures, and more are also great options and the right home building company can design the right bathroom for you.

Larger common spaces

Another thing that people tend to look for are larger common spaces. This means larger kitchens, living rooms, dens, and even open floor plans that offer a very large space for entertaining. If a homeowner wants to entertain in their future home, for example, they may want a larger living room or kitchen so that their guests are comfortable in the space. They may also ask for special details like specially built storage in the kitchen or extra drawers and cabinets for specific types of kitchen appliances.

No matter what you want in your new home, it is always best to talk with your home building company about what your budget can handle, about what is feasible in the space or the area that you have, and what options are actually going to work and what might be too far-fetched. With the help of your builder you can determine what is going to work best for you and what you can add to your new, custom home and the space you will be living in.

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