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Home Building and Remodeling in Dallas, TX

BuildTX Solutions is a women-owned design, build, and remodel firm dedicated to transforming residential properties into functional and flawless living experiences.

We understand what it feels like to have magnificent ideas but struggle to translate imaginations into residential masterpieces. That’s why we are here. As a female-owned design and custom-build firm of expert engineers, interior designers, and experienced professionals, we partner with you to transform your wistful Pinterest collage into a matchless lifestyle. From ideas to ideals, we understand your hopes and aspirations and will work with you to craft a home that adds value in the moment and to your future. From Dallas home additions to new builds, we will be your last stop for remodeling contractors in Dallas.

How We Work

We can walk you through the whole process or help you with a specific stage of your project, whether it is the design process, remodeling, additions, or construction. Stop scrolling through the #dallashomeremodel wishing it was you and get your project started today.

Share your vision

Our priority is YOU. We want to understand what makes you tick. What are your goals, lifestyle, daily schedule, and budget? In the initial discussion, we create a clear understanding of what you can expect throughout your process, provide guidance on what the preliminary design & pricing will include, and accurately define development objectives.


In design, details matter. Our team considers every aspect of budget, timeline, functionality, and flow to create a design plan that meets our clients’ desires. Together, we design a fun, inviting home that reflects your uniqueness and value.


In the preliminary pricing stage, we help our clients mitigate risk and manage the budget to create the foundation for a matchless lifestyle. We will also help you learn about what design elements will produce the best return on your investment.


Our build process is based on quality, communication, and customer satisfaction. We efficiently and consistently keep clients updated and informed on the building process by utilizing construction management software, and encouraging regular site visits. Your timeline, budget, and build experience matters to us as much as the final result.

Why Choosing BuildTX

Transforming ideas into captivating results

BuildTX Solutions specializes in design, build, and transformative remodels of luxury residential properties. As one of the top home builders in Dallas, Texas, we love capturing our clients’ vision and transforming inspiration into captivating modern homes and contemporary estates.

We believe in efficiency without sacrificing beauty, systems, and processes that add value to relationships as well as quality that remains committed to our clients. The BuildTX Experience of design, build, and remodel is catered to our clients’ unique visions and desires.

Commitment to functional and intelligent design

As the new home builders in Dallas that North Texas residents can trust, BuildTX Solutions is committed to functional and intelligent design, remodel, and custom-builds that enhance your lifestyle from start to finish. Home improvements for the DFW area.

We understand that real estate projects can be overwhelming. That is why we are here to guide you through the possibilities and options. We believe homes, like people, have boundless and beautiful potential. With the right team, your home design, remodel, or new build can be an effortless and inviting experience every step of the way.

The BuildTX Design + Build methodology benefits our clients because it saves time and money, mitigates risk, improves construction processes, streamlines communication, creates mind-blowing remodel pictures, and enhances efficiency. We collaborate with you in pre-construction, design, build, and construction management to yield your desired results.

Partnering to create lifetime homes

We love to partner with clients interested in transforming their estates into matchless lifetime homes or future investment opportunities. The following custom build and design experiences are some of the solutions we offer our clients—

  • Architecture planning
  • Custom home-build
  • Heavy remodeling made simple
  • Construction & renovation facilitation
  • DFW home improvements
  • Dallas full-home remodeling

The BuildTX Solutions Experience

Building Happy + Harmonious Homes

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